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Art News, Awesome and not so Awesome

Hi Everyone, As I mentioned a few days ago, I want to announce some changes concerning my Artistic endeavors. The awesome stuff: My art can now be rented (by businesses / companies) or bought in installments. Limited edition prints of many of my major paintings are now available for purchase. New salesroom on my website, […]

Sealed with a kiss, Painted with a whip

I painted this work not with a brush, or pencil but with a whip and a flogger dipped in ink. It’s currently on display in the wonderful Dark Elements München and available for sale for 1950€

More news, A new website for my Art

More Restructuring News: I also have a brand new website for my artwork. A place where you can view my entire portfolio of past and present works. The website covers the whole spectrum of my work, from portrait and landscape to abstract and erotic. I’m sure there will be something for everyones taste. It’s a […]

New Website, New Ventures

Restructuring News: Hi all, I’ve been busy behind the scenes making some changes to the websites and the way things are run in general. The biggest change is that I’ve re-designed the websites to separate the studio from the art. From now on, the gallery and studio has it’s own website where you will find […]

Critical Mass, Silver Darlings 140cm x 100cm, Oil on Canvas

I only recently sold this painting. It was always one of my favourites and I’m so happy it is now in a good and loving home.