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Art News, Awesome and not so Awesome

Hi Everyone,

As I mentioned a few days ago, I want to announce some changes concerning my Artistic endeavors.

The awesome stuff:

  • My art can now be rented (by businesses / companies) or bought in installments.
  • Limited edition prints of many of my major paintings are now available for purchase.
  • New salesroom on my website,
  • The studio is now available to all other artists interested in exhibiting in a beautiful space for a reasonable price.
  • We have loads of workshops and events coming up later in the year, follow my page for details.


The not so awesome stuff:

With immediate effect:

  • I’m drastically reducing the amount of art I create to concentrate on my own creative projects and non-art-related activities which generate income.
  • All my exhibitions and performances are stopped until further notice. There will be a single exhibition and sale of my art in late 2017 at the studio.
  • An immediate stop to the free lending of artwork. Art currently on display at various venues will be subject to a review of their effectiveness at the end of 2017.
  • Following recent events and as the legal copyright holder of my own work, I hereby give notice that any persons making, prints or other reproductions of my artwork on paper, board, canvas, or other media without my express permission will face legal action. Unfortunately this means I will no longer allow photos of my drawings or sketchbooks at events. I will be happy to provide a watermarked copy in low resolution, or a high quality version for a small fee.

Is a bit sad the last bit, but my art has a value and if it’s not valued, I’m going to stop doing it, which would be very hard indeed.

Hope you all understand,
Amor et Dolor